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Welcome everybody to the new and improved Entropy guild website.  I am your web admin Vince and I hope everyone enjoys their stay here on the site.  Entropy is a guild on the Warriors of Shadow server formed at the release of the game.  We currently have a roster of about 30 members and have cleared up to Eternity Vault 8 man normal mode.  We are currently recruiting some more Range DPS and Healers for upcomming 16 man raids.  If you are interested in joining check out our forum and fill out a quick application.

PvE is not the only puddle we splash in.  Many of our member are die hard PvP fanatics.  When we are not raiding we are in the Warzone's melting faces and whooping asses.  We love to roll four man roll groups ex. TANK HEAL 2 DPS.  Many of our members are level 30+ valor rank with almost full PvP gears.  If you are interested in joining for PvP talk to DuelMe or Sorewin (ingame names) and we will arrange for you to join in on one of our groups! 

Most of all we all like to have fun.  Why play a video game if you are having a terrible time playing it.  We hope to see the guild blossom into a beast that shows little mercy to monster droids, enemies of the sith, and unaware players.  We have high hopes for the future of SWTOR and for Entropy.  We will never RAGE you out of a raid group or KICK you from the guild without a valid reason.  Hope everyone can enjoy their stay here at!

  ~Guild Leader Sorewin
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Guild Update!

jackpoot, Jan 10, 12 8:04 AM.
Hey everyone, I would like to thank Carpet for the new guild banner it looks pretty sweet man!  

Would also like to suggest that everyone goes onto the resource page and list their professions so we know what we got and can help out other players.  Also get some chat going on the forums.  I would like to here from you all on your feelings so far about the game.  Raid times for this week will be posted as soon as I get the information from one of the guild leaders.  I will post them on the calendar.  I myself am praying for a decent update this week maybe adressing some these *high priority issues*  such as the Horrid FPS.  Hope everyone has a good week!


jackpoot, Jan 6, 12 10:02 AM.

Thank god for the newest patch!

jackpoot, Jan 6, 12 10:01 AM.
Well last night around 8:30 EST I checked the SWTOR community page and saw that they were going to shut down servers for a little bit to fix some of the *High Priority Issues*.  In my head I am thinking YES! finally a 50's only BG.  Or YES! finally some bug fixes!  You want to know what we got?

1.0.2c Patch Notes - 1/6/2012
  • Fixed an exploit that could allow players to receive more items than intended via in-game mail.
  • Resolved an exploit when selling items.

Flashpoints and Operations

    Karagga's Palace
    • Fixed an issue that prevented players from entering the Operation.
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